Menuboard in Use

Your Menu Board lettering artwork is easy to create and when finished, cleaning is easy using
a soft damp cloth
Your message artwork will be dry in a few seconds once produced, and will last as long as you wish it to in a dry environment. The image will NOT rub off with touching by dry hands so will not be spoilt left in the wrong hands!
Once you’re ready to update or change the information use the supplied MicroCloth, dampen with tepid/warm water and remove part or all of your artwork. The boards will benefit from the occasional light cleaning with a soft lint free duster to remove any water stains, but apart from that there is nothing else you need to do.
Please note, these are NOT suitable for an external environment where they might be exposed to rainwater or very hot steamy kitchens.

The alternative to the traditional Chalkboard!
Available in two Menu Board sizes; 460mm x 580mm and 610mm x 920mm

The stylish Menu Board for Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Bistros and Takeaways
Create Specials, and Promotions quickly, easily and cheaply. People always look out for what’s on the Menu Board and the latest recommendations and offers! Change your menu pricing instantly to sell your items fast, and maximise your sales during the day.
Also popular for displaying in school dining rooms and canteens to display Specials of the Day.

Looking for inspiration to create simple, striking menu designs?
Take a look on for ideas and lettering techniques.... search for Chalkboard Artists and Liquid Chalk Pens.

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